Output Buffering Middleware

The Output Buffering Middleware enables you to switch between two modes of output buffering: APPEND (default) and PREPEND mode. The APPEND mode will use the existing response body to append the content while PREPEND mode will create a new response body and append it to the existing response. This middleware should be placed on the center of the middleware stack so it gets executed last.


use Slim\Factory\AppFactory;
use Slim\Middleware\OutputBufferingMiddleware;

require __DIR__ . '/../vendor/autoload.php';

$app = AppFactory::create();

 * The two modes available are
 * OutputBufferingMiddleware::APPEND (default mode) - Appends to existing response body
 * OutputBufferingMiddleware::PREPEND - Creates entirely new response body
$mode = OutputBufferingMiddleware::APPEND;
$outputBufferingMiddleware = new OutputBufferingMiddleware($mode);

// ...